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Bengal Cat Pricing

Our Bengal kittens are priced between $3000 and $3800 as pets.

Retired adult Bengals cats are priced: between $700 and $1500.


Kittens go to their new homes at around 12 weeks of age, vaccinated and accompanied with a health record, pedigree, registration, detailed Guidelines for the First Weeks and a sales contract with a five year health guarantee.

Our prices vary according to the color, markings and quality regarding the standards of the breed.

High Quality Bengals are not inexpensive, you generally get what you pay for.


You will find Bengal kittens priced lower, but in most cases, they will not have the bright colors and vivid markings that you see on Bengals pictured on websites and other online venues.​


There is considerable expense and time involved in raising quality Bengal kittens, more than most people realize. 


Our Bengal kittens are individually evaluated and priced accordingly. 

Those that meet the Bengal standard, have the best markings, pattern, coloration, conformation, and personality are our top quality Bengal kittens and therefore the most expensive.

Our kittens are sold as top quality pets.
On rare occasion we may place kittens with established and serious breeders who meet our strict requirements.
Breeder pricing is typically double that of pet pricing.

Texas Bengal Cats For Sale

Exceptional Quality

To succeed in producing the most beautiful Bengal kittens, you must first have high quality breeding cats.


We work very hard to select  outstanding Bengal cats, with gorgeous color, excellent structure, exotic type, solid health, and friendly personalities.


We produce Bengal kittens with high contrast, striking colors, stunning rosettes, and exotic good looks.  They are truly little lap leopards.

Texas Bengal Kittens For Sale


Our breeding Bengal cats have been tested and screened for a number of hereditary diseases. 

Amarillo Bengal Cattery has tested negative for the following:​







In addition, our breeding cats are screened for HCM by a Veterinary Cardiologist.

Texas Bengal Cat Breeder


A friendly, confident personality is important - and we go the extra mile to insure your kitten has both qualities.

First, we only breed Bengals with excellent temperaments, and that makes a big difference.

Second, our kittens are socialized and cuddled from a very early age.  They are never caged - and they are petted, played with, and cuddled daily.

Your Amarillo Bengal kitten will become a loving, playful, friend for life.

With Our Kittens You Get

A Five Year Health Guarantee.

Vaccinations, Worming, and Flea Preventative.

A Health Record.​


Pure Breed TICA Registration Certificate.

Five Generation Pedigree.​

Genetic Health Screening.

First Week Guidelines.

Guidance and Support for the Life of Your Kitten.

A Breeder with a Great Depth of Knowledge.

North Texas Bengal Cattery
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