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Available Bengal
Kittens and Cats!

Black Rosetted Female - Available

Have you seen a clouded leopard?  
This little beauty is a close second.
She looks like she walked right out of the rainforest.
Gorgeous black-outlined rosettes, exotic type, and super sweet.


Bold Rosetted Male - SOLD

Pale background with bold, black-outlined rosettes.

His pattern is wonderfully dramatic and chaotic.
The chunky rosetting over his shoulders is spectacular.

This boy is amazing!

Plus, a beautiful head with so much expression.

Big and friendly.

The Nursery

Our kittens are raised in large, sunny rooms.

They are given room to run, play, exercise and explore.

Each nursery has shelves, climbing trees, scratching posts, and other items to insure our babies receive the best start in life.

Amarillo kittens below are not available.

Levels of Socialization & Training

Once our babies have received their first set of vaccinations, they are close to getting to enjoy time with our family, and time outside.

This gives them exceptional socialization before they leave with their new families.

Amarillo kittens below are not available.