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Available Bengal
Kittens and Cats!

Sneak Peek

Two VERY special kittens will be available soon.

We are pleased to welcome two Second Generation Bengal Kittens.

Their grandsire is an Asian Leopard Cat. 

They have been bottle fed since three weeks of age, are growing up
 with abundant socialization in home, and are wonderfully bonded to people.  

They will be ready to leave at around 12 weeks of age.
Just like all of our kittens, they will have been vaccinated, wormed, and vet checked.

Pricing of each - $3600

More information coming soon.
We are accepting applications on the kittens.

How does the temperament differ between a Foundation and an SBT Bengal?

This question is best answered by first describing the innate nature of the ALC. This small, elusive wildcat is found from, Siberia, Pakistan, Tibet,  India, Burma, Thailand, and part mainland China, then south to Sumatra, Java, Borneo. and the Philippines. They can thrive in a variety of habitats, including dense tropical forests, scrub, semi-desert, and agricultural areas. The species Latin name (bengalensis) is derived from the first Leopard Cat that was discovered swimming in the Bay of Bengal.

The temperament of the Asian Leopard Cat tends to be elusive and intelligent. In their natural environment they typically hunt by night, since they are almost exclusively nocturnal animals. They are agile felines, going from ground to treetops in one continual motion. They are found within the vicinity of water and are accomplished swimmers. Many wild ALCs will dispose of their excretions in water, to cover their scent from large predators. It is with this extreme intelligence that the ALC has survived many generations in a world where their habitat is dwindling and where they are a very small predator in the huge circle of life.

How does this all relate to the Foundation Bengal?

Typically, any progeny of the Leopard Cat will inherit at least some parental traits. As each generation moves away from the ALC heritage, some of those traits may be removed or lessened to some degree. The Foundation Bengal is often leery of new situations because nature has instilled a cautious intelligence in their ancestors. They need a stable and secure environment and typically do not adapt to variations within their everyday life.

A commitment to a Foundation Bengal must be considered to be life-long because while they may not bond to all people, if they do, it is usually passionately intense and breaking this bond can destroy the spirit of the cat. They are not your traditional pet cat and there needs to be a clear understanding of the environment and lifestyle one needs to achieve in order to form the trusting relationship that may be possible with them.

The Foundation Bengal is not predisposed to being aggressive but when faced with an uncomfortable situation (often involving loud noises, quick movements, or strange people or situations), they typically show a shyness and look for a safe and quiet place. This may be any area of their home where they have chosen as a safe and secure environment, perhaps a separate room or a remote cat tree where they can be "alone," until they feel safe and secure. Every Foundation Bengal is different, with individual personalities and different reactions to every situation.

The Foundation Bengal is an intense feline with many aspects of the ALC behavior that can make a fascinating addition to the appropriate home. However, those same idiosyncrasies can make life very uncomfortable for both owner and cat if the household is unprepared or unable to accept them on the Foundation Bengal's terms. The closer the Foundation Bengal is to the ALC, the stronger the instinctive behaviors and the less likely that they can be modified to fit the owner's expectations. A true Foundation Cat enthusiast does not expect
the cat to change to fit the owner's lifestyle, but rather is willing to change their lifestyle to accept the behavior of the cat. In general, while SBTs adapt readily to new situations, new people and new places, Foundation Cats find it more difficult to do so and are much more easily stressed by those changes.


Information above from The International Bengal Cat Society.

The Nursery

Our kittens are raised in large, sunny rooms.

They are given room to run, play, exercise and explore.

Each nursery has shelves, climbing trees, scratching posts, and other items to insure our babies receive the best start in life.

The kittens below are not available.

With Your Kitten You Receive:

1. Vaccinations & Worming

2. Veterinary Check Up

3. Three-year health guarantee and contract

4. Thoughtfully planned breedings

5. Parents Genetic Tested

6. Cage-Free Environment - we welcome visitors

7. Well-socialized kittens - we are not a mill or backyard breeder.

8. Kittens and Adults are fed a high quality diet.

9. We stand behind our kittens.

10. Guidance for the life of the kitten

The cats below are not available.

Interested in a Bengal Kitten?