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The Nursery 

Our kittens are raised in large, sunny rooms.
They are given room to run, play, exercise and explore.

Each nursery has shelves, climbing trees, scratching posts, and other items to insure our babies receive the healthiest, safest, and very best start in life.


Our mothers have the privacy they need to feel safe and comfortable raising their kittens.


Once babies leave their nest box, they have a safe area to explore, play, and learn.

The litter box is easy to find, so there is no room for error.

Kittens go to their new homes with the best litter box training.

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Our Bengal mother's raise their kittens in the healthiest of environments, while we give babies lots of daily interaction, cuddles, and playtime.

Our kittens stay with mom for at least ten weeks.  She guides and teaches them during this time.

So our kittens have learned how to play gently, stay clean, and interact with people properly.


Raising Bengal kittens properly makes such a difference in their health, training, good habits, and outgoing, friendly personalities.

We are very proud of our Bengal cats and our Bengal cattery.

We welcome visitors.
If interested, please complete our application first.

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