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Bengal Cattery

We are a TICA Registered Bengal Cattery

Amarillo Bengal Cattery is a small, boutique Bengal cattery in Amarillo, Texas.

We focus on rosetted Bengals and carefully select our breeding Bengal cats for health, temperament, and beauty.


We believe that keeping a Bengal cattery small enables us to give each of our Bengal cats and kittens plenty of love, attention and excellent care.

Our Bengal kittens are given daily socialization so that when they leave with their new families they will be friendly, playful, active.

From The International Cat Association:


Loved by those who appreciate its inquisitive and loving nature, the Bengal is a medium to large cat renowned for its richly colored, highly contrasted coat of vivid spots or distinctive marbling.


Originally developed from crosses between the domestic cats and the Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal is the only domestic cat that can have rosettes like the markings on Leopards, Jaguars and Ocelots.


Today's domestic Bengal cat comes only from breeding Bengals to other Bengals and requires no specialized care. 

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